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Maple Legend Inc. was established in 2006 to offer manufacuring and industrial services in Canada.

In Jan.2011, Maple Legend Inc. estimate that the companies that establish business relations with our pre-qualified suppliers have saved up to 30 % of the production cost while preserving the quality of the product compare to North America 's market price.

Maple Legend Inc is a unique company created to meet the needs of industrial business owners in both Canada and the United States,by providing you the total integrated business solutions and offering the prime qualities products with best price. We have the capabilities to source out the potential suppliers that suits our client's needs and prepare samples to the standards of the clients requirement and deliver the product within project time frame. Maple Legend Inc not only establishes business relationship with you but also helps you in growing your business. We can help you to establish a long term business relationship with our pre-qualified industrial suppliers, arrange business trip to the major facility, even more we can help you to start up your own business with manufacturing units in Asia.



Our Company:

Maple Legend Inc. owns 2,000 sq ft store front in Hamilton, ON and over 20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and warehouse in Brantford, Ontario.

Maple Legend Inc. also owns 2 major offfices with 20 employees in Shang Hai, China.

Our Capacity:

Maple Legend Inc. can manufacture your products or product components base on your request right in our manufacturing facility. Any customized request on your own product , please address your detailed needs to our staff and normally it will only take 1-2 business weeks for your sample ready.We can offer you different price package base on your needs.

Our Industrial Partners:

Through the acquisition of connections and established operations in Asia, Maple Legend Inc has built a portfolio of hundreds of industrial suppliers from china, holding the best relationship with local government and made the biggest footprint in the region.

New Products



Cable/Wire Stripper

(2014 model)

Permanent Lifting Magnet

Customrized Order

Maple Legend proudly to announce that our company is able to build any customrized machinery locally in our manufacutring facility base on request.

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